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Rock Creek Community Pool

Rock Creek residents and their guests can enjoy a day in the sun at our large community pool. The pool area consists of one large main pool, along with a smaller wading pool for small children. The pool deck has chairs for residents and their guests to relax, and umbrellas are provided as well if you’re looking to get out of the sun.

The Rock Creek Community Pool is opens on Memorial Day weekend and runs through Labor Day each year.

Safety is our number one priority, and the Rock Creek Pool is staffed by at least two lifeguards during operating hours.

Pool Hours

Tuesday - Saturday

TBD for 2019

The Pool is closed on Mondays for weekly maintenance.

A 15-minute “Adult Swim” break occurs every hour for adult guests to enjoy laps or other exercise.

Obtaining Pool Passes

All persons entering the pool must have a valid Rock Creek Resident’s Pool Pass or a Guest Pass.

Per the Rock Creek Rules and Regulations, residents must be current on their dues, with no overdue balances greater than thirty (30) days in order to request a resident pool pass and/or use the community pool.

Guests with passes must be accompanied by someone with a valid Rock Creek Resident’s Pool Pass.


Guest passes can be purchased online. Click below to visit our Store and purchase your guest passes. Passes will be delivered to you via mail.


Residents without a valid Rock Creek Community Pool Pass should click the button below to request a Resident Pool Pass from the Association.

Rock Creek Pool Rules

All Residents and their Guests are required to follow the following pool rules when using the Rock Creek Community Pool.

a.    All residents, homeowners, and/or their guest are responsible for their actions. The Rock Creek Homeowners’ Association assumes no responsibility or liability for any accident, injury or loss of personal property.

b.    All residents seven (7) years and older using the pool must have a Rock Creek Pool Pass issued by the Association.

c.     Use of the swimming pool and its adjacent wading pool are for the sole use of Rock Creek homeowners, residents, and their guests. It is their responsibility to familiarize themselves with the rules and comply with them.

d.    All homeowners and/or residents must be up-to-date with their association dues with no outstanding or overdue balance of more than thirty (30) days in order to use the community pool facilities.

e.    All guests must have a valid guest pass issued by the Association in order to enter the pool. Guest passes must be presented to the lifeguard(s) upon entering the pool premises and are for one-time use only.

f.      All homeowners, residents, and/or guests will be required to sign in with the lifeguard(s) on duty when entering and exiting the pool premises.

g.    Any person must be sixteen (16) years or older to bring a guest or younger sibling. The sixteen (16) old must be able to swim and act in a responsible manner. Discretion will be left up to the lifeguard.

h.    All guests must be accompanied by a homeowner or resident with a Rock Creek Pool Pass at all times.

i.      All persons must shower before entering the pool. Appropriate swimwear must be worn for pool use. Cut-off’s and/or street clothes are not considered swimwear.

j.      No children in diapers will be allowed in the baby pool or adult pool. Children who are not toilet trained must wear protective rubber paints or equivalent protection so no leakage of human waste occurs.

k.     No running within the pool premises is permitted. “Horseplay” such as, but not limited to, “chicken fights”, dunking, excessive splashing, diving, or general rough-housing will not be permitted or tolerated. No basketballs, footballs, baseballs, or other hard objects are not allowed in the pool.

l.      No cursing, indecent exposure, vulgar or threatening behavior will be tolerated anywhere on the pool premises.

m.   The use of floatation devices is at the discretion of the lifeguard(s) on duty. Personal floatation devices, including but not limited to, water wings, doughnuts, and inner tubes. Life vests may be utilized by children in the main pool provided the child(ren) are under the direct supervision of an accompanying adult and the accompanying adult must be in the water with the child(ren).

n.    All children under sixteen must accompanying by an adult unless a swimming test, administered by the lifeguard(s) on duty. The test must be scheduled and performed with two (2) lifeguards on duty and at least one (1) parent present. The test consists of the child(ren) successfully swimming two (2) pool lengths non-stop, and three (3) minutes of treading water without touching the bottom of the pool. The results of pass or fail will be recorded on the registration form.

o.    The baby (or wading) pool is for children five (5) years of age or younger only, and these children must be accompanied by a responsible person 16 years or older at all times and remain with the child at all times. The baby pool is not supervised by the lifeguards. Older children or adults may not use the baby pool during rest or break periods as outlined below.

p.    There is a fifteen (15) minute rest break every hour on the hour. Adults eighteen (18) and older may continue to swim during rest periods. Children under the age of two (2) may be allowed with parents in the pool at this time provided the pool is not crowded and no other adult is swimming laps. This decision to allow this exception is up to the discretion of the lifeguard(s) on duty.

q.    No alcohol, tobacco, or gum are allowed in the pool area. The use of tobacco products must be done in the designated area outside of the pool area. Food may only be consumed in the designated areas. Any person under the influence of any alcohol or illicit drug will be not be allowed in the pool area at any time.

r.     No glass containers are allowed on the pool premises under any circumstances.

s.     Pets are not allowed in the pool area under any circumstances.

t.      Bikes, skateboards, or other recreational equipment are prohibited in the pool area and must be properly stored outside of the pool area in the approved area(s).

u.    Radios or any other sound reproduction devices must be restricted in volume to a level not offensive to other guests at the pool. The reproduction of any music with profanity, offensive language, or the promotion of illegal acts is not permitted at any time – guests are encouraged to use headphones if the music they wish to listen to could be offensive to any other guest(s).

v.     Persons with open sores or contagious diseases will not be allowed in the pool.

Inclement weather or equipment breakdown may necessitate the temporary closing of the pool. This will be determined at the discretion of the lifeguard(s) on duty.

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